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i work on sap 4.6c sap r/3,what happens is my sap mmc starts up,database startsup,message server startsup and also the dispatcher,but all the workprocess remain in running state,and they never come to waiting state? Can anyone help me out?


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Hi Al I have a small querry in SAP there are different type of Users one of them is System User I want to know why the system user is created and if created what is use of them and how they are associated with the Dialogue User ,As we all know Dialogue user can perform all work in Sap by logging in the sap server , so why the system user is created and how they are associated with Dialogue user With Rgds

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what is the difference between SAP AND ASAP

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Can you create a table with fields not referring to data elements?


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What should be the approach for writing a BDC program?

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What is ERP?

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What is SAP?

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Explain the concept of ?Business Content? in SAP Business Information Warehouse?

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Why do you usually choose to implement SAP?

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Can BW run without a SAP R/3 implementation?

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What is IDES?

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What is WF and its importance?

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What is SAP R/3?


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What are presentation, application and database servers in SAP R/3?


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Name some drawbacks of SAP?

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What are the errors you got while applying support pack?


when ever i try to installed sap ecc6.0 sr2 on single system. it show error on phase import abap "Not all objects are successfully processed. DIAGNOSIS: for details see output file with invalid object invalid_objects.txt and log file object_checker.log . SOLUTION: normally it indicate the data load error but in some special cases( for example if some object were created or loaded externally) you can press ok to continue" here error sentence is complete. pls tell what actual error its? is it kernel file related?


Hi,My name is Saurabh I have done BMS & currently working in Wipro BPO (1 year). I want to pursue my career in SAP. As I am totally new in the IT field(no course & no experience) Please could you suggest whether to do a certification from Certified institutes or Non Certified institutes.What is the difference? Also, Is MBA necessary to do certification from Certified institutes?


How to identify a particular T_Code has been modified or not? If yes, how to identify who modified particular T_Code in current system?


what is the procedure for java stack upgradation?


what is the use of tcode SUSHARE in SAP and how the mass user authorizations compared?


If possible send me screenshot doc for installation of ecc6


steps to congigure CMS in XI ?


How to add authorizations, how you will maintain profiles?


what is the difference b/w 4.6c & 4.7EE?


how can we set a/r a/p netting for inter company code transactions? is it possible to do? if yes, give the solution?


How to deactivate IPC in standalone CRM.


what post steps and pre steps db refresh


Error in the phase import_proper while applying support packages?


the difference between part number and serial number