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What are the steps involved in consignment cycle?

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How does the PO pick up the pricing schema?


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What are the fields in Purchasing view?


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What is GR blocked stock? When it can be used?

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What is RTP?


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How do you plan for a vendor rating system and move about?

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How do you make variants?

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How to inventory excise duty in SAP?


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What is meant by consignment stock?


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What are the steps involved in creating a pricing procedure?

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What is the difference between the stock transfer between, two plants belonging to same company code and those belonging to different company code?

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What are the steps in automatic account assignment config.

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How do you create movement types? What are the steps involved? When will you recommend a new movement type?


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What is meant by access sequence? When it is used?

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What are the types of special stocks available?

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What is the procedure of RFQ release strategy ?


You can Ask any Technical Question Related to SAP MM Module AT Functional consultant level,Testing or end user level


When a sales order contains normal(norm) and third party items(bans) how does the material reacts? Next order comes as make to order(0001), another is BOM. So every time we have to change the item category group in mm02 OR is there a process to expand the same material with norm, bans, 0001, erla?


I have created COST CENTER XXXX for Company Code XXXX. Again created Another Company Code ABCD, How to Copy Cost Center from XXXX to ABCD


Please recommend best SAP MM classroom training institute in Hyderabad ? Thank you


hello guys, could you tell me the few difficult tickets that you have solved in SAP MM??


Pls guide me to choose to MM cource (SAP) in Mumbai or N. Mumbai


Hello SAP MM trainers,I am a SAP MM consultant working for MNC in Hyderabad, India and have good experience in domain and SAP MM. I am being forced by my company’s client to show them my SAP MM certification. Now my company is insisting me to write the certification exam. I can write the exam without going to SAP certified institute as my company is SAP partner, but I am not confident that I will pass the exam. As I am working odd hours and family commitment, I do not want to go to SAP certified institute. I am looking for a trainer who is experienced in real life projects (not a full time trainer with bookish knowledge) and certified in SAP MM and willing to train me in couple of weeks so that I can pass the certification in first attempt. Please email


Accounting keys trigger in intercompany sto for one step and two step???


Please suggest ME which institute is best for sap mm and kindly let me know which institute Mr.Syed Quarish is working and his contact no? and who is expert in teaching test scrips and CIN


What is FRC and JIT in scheduling agreement?


If the recruiter is expecting thorough Knowledge\exp on the following topics:- o Material master o Vendor master o Purchasing o Release strategy o Inventory management What type of questions can i expect ? Please mention some important questions


What is Replenishment stock ?


Any good instructor in Noida for SAP MM ? There are lots of fake institute in Noida like Aptorn, Rector IT, Skyinfotech, etc. I have already been cheated by Aptron. Now searching any instructor who actually help to make my carrier in SAP MM Domain. If someone has any idea, pls inform me at 9811960753.


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