Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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Method of findingthe dry ingredient quantity of 1 m3 concrete.

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Are you having any structural design experience?

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Tell us your experience in Interior Design and Architectural Firms?


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what is Quality Reporting?


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what is pile foundation?

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How bonding is done for composite massonary?

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what are the CAD software versions you have used?


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Explain your project management?

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what is meant by Stagging?

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Did you handle any interior designing jobs?


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Are you good at detailing and explain about the project you have worked on detailing?

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Are you comfortable with formal design concepts in the home furnishings area?



What is softsoil? what kind of foundation?

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What was your synopsis for thesis topic?


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while doing the structural works of a simple ground+1 villa, can the columns be continued immediately after neck columns without tie beam, while the tie beam to be done after columns concreting.


From where the relationship of target strength comes in mix design(graph)


explain the advantages of total stasion


How to Rectify deep crack formed on Brick Wall? Explain the method of rectify the defect?


dialation means


what is difference between NP2 NP3 NP4 CONCRETE HUME PIPES USED AT SITE


Dear Sir I Mahesh C. Bhamre have already given a Exam for Superintendent Officer / Public relation Officer Exam Dharmday Aaukta held at Nashik on Date 29/08/2010. My seat no was 5040247. and my cell no is 9822677994. and my mail Id is - So can you pl send me details of result of respective exams. Thanking you in Anticipation.


What is the difference between the concrete mix design carried out by IS10262 and by ACI method ?


why top layer of block work shoud be full size if any cut block adjustable than another layer?


Dear Engineers, Can you please advise me the material requirement to construct a room 4 M x 4 M 1. No. of Standard Brick 2. Requirement of Cement Bags 3. And Concrete for Steel, Cement, sand, etc Thanks


What is the sugested procedure of water purification for public supply?


Coverage of 25mm.thick ratio of 1:4 cement mortar?


Design a cantilever slab to carry a live load of 2000 N/m2. The overhang of the slab is 1.20m. b) A slab over a room is 4.75m x 4.75m. The edges of the slab are simply supported and the corners are not held down. The live load an the slab is 300 Kg/m2. The slab has a bearing of 15cm. On the supporting walls. Design the slab as per Rankine - Grashoff theory. Assume weight of R.C.C. = 2400 Kg/m2.


What is the material consumption- cement,sand,tiles etc for Toilet dado?


How to do base isolation for RC framed structure using ETABS software?