General Aptitude Interview Questions
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Least no. when divide by 7 gives remainder 6, 6 gives 5, 5 gives 4 and so on ?

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for cube and sphere 3 views are similarly draw one such figure?

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success is to failure, joy is to ?

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meaning of JOLLY?

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opposite to ESSENTIAL?

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"Raw" means ?

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"Command" opposite?

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GENUINE opposite?

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Sum of two consecutive nos is 55, larger one is?

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A person goes 4/5 of his usual speed reaches 10 min late to his destinaton, time taken?

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80% pass in english, 70%pass in maths , 10%fail in both , 144 pass in both . How many all appeared to the test?

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To get a parabola if you cut a section of?

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Bird is flying 120km/hr b/w B to R. two trians at B to R at 60 kmph .The distance trvelled by the bird before it is killed.

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meaning of INERT ?

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Find the next series: AA AB BC CE ?


There are 4 numbers as 5,8,2,1 Form 4, four digit numbers as A, B and find the sum?


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There are 3 societies a,b,c. a lent tractors to b and c as many as they had. After some time b gave as many tractors to a and c as many as they have. After sometime c did the same thing. At the end of this transaction each one of them had 24. Find the tractors each originally had.


a train covers the distance D between two cities in hours arriving 2 hours late.what rate would permit to train to arrive on schedule?


Two trains move in the same direction at 50 kmph and 32 kmph respectively. A man in the slower train observes the 15 seconds elapse before the faster train completely passes by him. What is the length of faster train?


what is the angle between two hands of a clock when time is 8-30


An equilateral triangle of sides 3 inch each is given. How many equilateral triangles of side 1 inch can be formed from it?


USA + USSR = PEACE ; P + E + A + C + E = ?


There are two balls touching each other circumferencically. The radius of the big ball is 4 times the diameter of the small ball.The outer small ball rotates in anticlockwise direction circumferencically over the bigger one at the rate of 16 rev/sec. The bigger wheel also rotates anticlockwise at Nrev/sec. what is 'N' for the horizontal line from the centre of small wheel always is horizontal.


In base 10 representation for a rupee 100 paise,then base 8 representation what is rupee value?


a man works. He has to maintain 100 cups. He gets 30 ps for every cup he safeguards and has 10 pay 90 ps for every cup he breaks.if he earns rs.24 per day, how many did he break?


Each row of letters or numbers has a rule connecting them. Write the next number or letterin the brackets. 1 , 4 , 9 , 16 , 25 , 36 , (_ _ _)


A person runs 6 ft in 1/4 sec. how much it will run in 10 sec. ans 240


there are 27 coins in which one is heavier than rest(all equal weight). how many measurements are needed to isolate that odd one.