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What are your biggest weaknesses?

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Describe your classroom's physical appearance?


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How would you describe a successful principal?

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What are your thoughts on team-teaching?

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There are 5 jars which contains marbles of each of 1 gram,but in one of the jar contains marbles of 2 grams each,you are the given chance to weigh only once.How do you find out,which jar weighs more than the others by weighing only once?


Using only five 3's (can use any operators)how do you get the value as 31.


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tell me about yourself?

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who said english is easy ? fill this blanks with yes or No..... 1._______________ i don't have a brain. 2._______________ I don't have sense. 3. _______________ i am stupid. Try to fill . all the best


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Three days and Three Nights Do Not Equal 72 Hours


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how i can build my confidence level and be fit for interview and GD.tips for GD+interview in company

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where i can get the papers for Cdac


suppose you experienced kind of condition where you have to select one among your family member or your professional career how do u proceed towards that? SWARNENDU DE


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tell me about yourself?

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What is Aeration Zone?

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what is aquifer?

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What about our position do you find the most and least attractive?




hi, im working as a domestic helper in malaysia and i want to ask what are the documents needed if i want to apply for a visit visa to australia alone without my employer.is there a big chance for me to get a visa. hope you can help me.


if all bullets could not be removed from gun shot injury of a man it may cause poisoining by?


I m doing a job in a psu as distribution engineer. Now I m looking for a job in an electrical manufacturing company where I can boost up my professional knowledge.i dont have such experience for getting such a job . Pls suggest me how to shift from distribution to manufacturing.


Why you choose air force over navy and army?


Do IT ians welcome ECE students to software field?


I am BSc. Maths. I gave written test for SBI clerical postand I am selected for interview. I am about to join Times group as an executive with a salary of 18000. Some people are telling me to consider SBI job as it is secured. What should I do? Please help me.


I heard about online data entry job and is this job safe, legal to do at home. How I will find a good online job to do at home ?


How do I recover deleted public information that has been deleted from websites? Ex. My wife never told me she was seeing anyone else and found out she was lying and had been married previously. I had proof. confronted her about it before reading it. Went to show her after work and all her personal information was wiped clean after work. what can i do ?


Women want liberation. What kind of liberation? From Whom or From What?


Explain your methods for resource allocation


who is the father of statistics ?whera its was started first time ?what was its early uses ?


describe yourself...


How to answer for a question in a company interview that what are three positive character traits you don't have?