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What are your biggest weaknesses?

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Describe your classroom's physical appearance?


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How would you describe a successful principal?

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What are your thoughts on team-teaching?

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There are 5 jars which contains marbles of each of 1 gram,but in one of the jar contains marbles of 2 grams each,you are the given chance to weigh only once.How do you find out,which jar weighs more than the others by weighing only once?


Using only five 3's (can use any operators)how do you get the value as 31.


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tell me about yourself?

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who said english is easy ? fill this blanks with yes or No..... 1._______________ i don't have a brain. 2._______________ I don't have sense. 3. _______________ i am stupid. Try to fill . all the best


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Three days and Three Nights Do Not Equal 72 Hours


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how i can build my confidence level and be fit for interview and GD.tips for GD+interview in company

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where i can get the papers for Cdac


suppose you experienced kind of condition where you have to select one among your family member or your professional career how do u proceed towards that? SWARNENDU DE


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tell me about yourself?

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What is Aeration Zone?

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what is aquifer?

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Un-Answered Questions { Everything Else }

As an IT student what are the most interesting changes/inventions have been take place in last 5 years?


Pentaho CE 3.6 installation. After completing all the installation steps, BI server is not starting. I tried manual starting too but no use. Whenever i open the Web browser for pentaho I'm getting the error as HTTP 1.1 ERROR 404. Can there be any problem in connecting with the repository services.?


when will be the sbi interview held in april-may 2010 be declared?


frnds it took 7trs for me to complete my btech [ece] due to some financial problms...am i eligible to do masters in foreign trade pls advice me...


plz mail me the latest topics for discriptive papers or latest topics for bank clerical exams


what will be the best answer for why do you want to change?


my parents resides in us and i have no reason to say why i will come back plz tell me what answer i will give as my interview is on 20 july


is there any training istitute for mcx and share trading in Ahmedabad ?


please i have been given a project on optical networking hardware,i have done all i could but i could'nt find the information i wanted,please can u help me,i need to submit it in 6hours time today.please try and help me out.


the key persons of jallianwalla bagh massacre? who rendered vishnu sahasranamam in the form of casettes? which associate bank of sbi already merged n wich is going to merge? founder of andhra bank? reasons for selecting the banking sector?


sir, when will start the new batch for group2 coaching... pls kindly inform me.......


enumerate various costs associated with the performance, security, support, and maintenance of ubuntu


What is valley, Playa, Catchment area, Basin ? please describe with picture.


Hire Purchase System and Installments System.


I got selected as a central excise inspector in SSC CGL10 and now waiting for appointment letter...when can i expect to receive the appointment letter?