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What are your biggest weaknesses?

Aegis, BPO, Intelenet, WNS, Tata Business Support Services TBSS,

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Describe your classroom's physical appearance?


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How would you describe a successful principal?

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What are your thoughts on team-teaching?

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There are 5 jars which contains marbles of each of 1 gram,but in one of the jar contains marbles of 2 grams each,you are the given chance to weigh only once.How do you find out,which jar weighs more than the others by weighing only once?


Using only five 3's (can use any operators)how do you get the value as 31.


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tell me about yourself?

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who said english is easy ? fill this blanks with yes or No..... 1._______________ i don't have a brain. 2._______________ I don't have sense. 3. _______________ i am stupid. Try to fill . all the best


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Three days and Three Nights Do Not Equal 72 Hours


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how i can build my confidence level and be fit for interview and GD.tips for GD+interview in company

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where i can get the papers for Cdac


suppose you experienced kind of condition where you have to select one among your family member or your professional career how do u proceed towards that? SWARNENDU DE


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tell me about yourself?

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What is Aeration Zone?

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what is aquifer?

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Un-Answered Questions { Everything Else }

lovers love it. friends need it. relationship start with it. and life ends with it.


Please Find the crieteria as below to select the academy: 1.Is this academy is government aided 2.whether they a giving training for Physical fitness and Mental aid has to be given(if possible with accombidation) 3.Nominal Fees for joining and other formalities. 4. Good coaching for optional as well as Main Subjects (Public Admin and General History along with Science and psychology) 5.Joining Formalities and Entrance Exam Scedule needed and with the academy Website is needed. If u the above details about RC Reddy and any other center means plz mail me.Any body knows the all detalis plz mail to me. mailmecuteguys@gmial.com


Is there any minimum marks to be given in SBI clerk interview? My interview was very bad..was able to ans only 10% of questions.I know to read and write the local language.Written have done well. Pls ans if anybody knows the cut off


hi! friends. kindly tell me when the rrb goodgurds exam will allow and plz send me the question type and ans related with this exam.


which is the best engineering college in vijayawada


I m employee can i describe my daily routine? I can but my daily routine is same all the day its so boring. Can anyone help me? Is there any topic to describe my routine. Thank You


hey I m working in retail bankIng as teller yet another 1yr I m going to work for dis bank....after quitting from dis werelse I can get job apart from banking sector


we need to change 100 Rs and it must contain 50 Note equal to 100 Rs by adding 1 5 10 20???




when the EP COPY and EC COPY is issued ?


Brief me about plug and play technology?


I have an experience of 6yrs in non voice bpo sector. M bbm graduate. I feel it is not an long term secure job, here v can stay maximum 35-40 with maximum salary of 25 to 30k.. my question is what is next.. what after 40yrs..? Plz suggest me for my future step... do u guys want me to sstay with it.. or want me to step another industry.. if yes.. what are the options..?


Mention your position in the heirarchy and the levels above and below you.


Why do you want to join Genpact?


international  resume format