Sciences Interview Questions
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Who identified the Lytic Pnenomenon in Bacterial Cultures?,

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What are Interferons?,

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What are CDRs?


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What are Hybridomas?,

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What is the function of Restriction enzymes?,

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Nucleoids are stained with which stain?,

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What are Merodiploids?,

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What is enrichment culture?,

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What is heat shock response?

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What are Transpoons?,

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What is Antimicrobial index?

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What are Spheroplasts?

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What is Lytic cycle?

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What are Frame shift mutations?,

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What is gene conversion?


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Un-Answered Questions { Sciences }

Give the type of functional group, general formula, and the suffix for methanoic acid (or) formic acid.


Why is acetone used for cleaning viscometer?


we know in mathematics that a matrix is an arrangement (array) of different elements , memebers . Then, how does the movie "Matrix" relate with this concept. In movie "Matrix" we have seen that it shown a war between machines & humans. And we know to operate machines we need code like 0 1 & 1 0 . How ? explain ?


How the chromosome region where the centromere is located is called? How are chromosomes classified in relation to the position of their centromere?


How many different cranial nerves are there in the human body?


In the definition of mutation we say sudden heritable change i the DNA, so what does sudden means here?


can we re-freeze the 4% paraformaldehyde for longer storage?


How can a spectrophotometer be used to determine chlorophyll content?


Which process is used in welding the gaps in railway tracks?


For what the parabolic dishes are used?


What are the extra embryonic membranes present in vertebrates?


Give some symptoms of serum sickness.


What is the response type and activity shown by effector molecule igg, igm?


Define shale?


Sr-90, a radioactive isotope, is a major product of an atomic bomb explosion. It has a half life of 28.1 year. Calculate the first order rate constant for this nuclear decay and the fraction of 90Sr that remains after 10 half lives?