Sciences Interview Questions
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Who identified the Lytic Pnenomenon in Bacterial Cultures?,

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What are Interferons?,

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What are CDRs?


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What are Hybridomas?,

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What is the function of Restriction enzymes?,

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Nucleoids are stained with which stain?,

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What are Merodiploids?,

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What is enrichment culture?,

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What is heat shock response?

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What are Transpoons?,

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What is Antimicrobial index?

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What are Spheroplasts?

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What is Lytic cycle?

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What are Frame shift mutations?,

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What is gene conversion?


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Un-Answered Questions { Sciences }

What is the procedure to apply research papers leading to get Noble Prizes? I have developed a new theory on Earthquakes and willing to get it published in some International Journals.Can any one guide me where and how to send my research papers for publications?


What is one sample t-test?


Explain how do you separate the colors of ink?


Tell me how asteroids are formed?


What is the relation between how fast a leaf burns and the minerals or metallic elements contained in the plants?


Draw a graph between frequency of photon and velocity of photo electron?


In modern science, what is 'fourth dimension'?


Describe the process of replication in viruses?


Differentiate pure and applied Mathematics


Describe the transwell migration assay?


Cystic fibrosis (CF) occurs with a frequency of about 1/2500 Caucasian newborns and is inherited as an autosomal recessive. A woman had an older sister die from complications of this disease. CF is not present among relatives of her husband. Both the woman and her husband have normal phenotypes. What is the chance this couple will have a CF child


Mention the applications of electron microscope. : quantum physics


Explain how does the vegetal stratification of an ecosystem influence the biological diversity?


Explain about sacB gene - levan toxicity to gram-negative bacteria?


What is glacial acetic acid?