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ABC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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working of a diesel generator.

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What is auto transformer?

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why C.T secondary are rated 5A generally?

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What is mean by CT Saturate? how do we calculate?

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What is GD2(kg-m2) for Sq. cage ind. motor?

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Why we should use delta connection in primary and star connection in an distribution transformer, which converts 400v a.c. voltage to 33kv.

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From, which load current range ( upper - lower limit current)can Air circuit breaker used for in electrical circuit.

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check list of maintenance of transformer?

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What is the d/f b/w MCCB & MCB

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how netral CT is selected (including its details specification)

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What are the types of the glands and difference between single and double compression type of cable Glands.


Selection criteria for Vector group in power / distribution transformer.

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What will be the full load current of 60KVA UPS. Suggest for this formula.

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Refernce currents are to be generated using refernce cueernts how can this be done


what is package many types they have


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ABC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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