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ABC Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is error guessing?

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What is Alpha and Beta Testing?

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can u tell me what is orthogonal array testing?

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How we can explain a bug which may arrive at the time of testing? Explain that bug in details?


hi, can any one tell me which book is simple to learn (technical words)in testing ?

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What is Web based testing? How do we test web application manually in real time? Is there any procedure to do this testing? real timers plz reply me...

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As experienced what could be the interview questions based on project? It's urgent

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Give an example for Waterfall model and iteration model??

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What is Memory Testing> Do you perform ever memory testing on Desktop or Web application ?

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What is Test Procedure? What are Test matrices? What is Tracibility matrix?

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Case study like you have been assigned in a team which going through a crucial phase of the project. Then how you can save your project to release on time without any defect leakage….

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Please give an example of White box Testing?

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give me a example of writing a test case,take any good example which i can understand easily.


What is Rekey Defect?

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How to test when the web application expired time (cookies,sessions testing) in real time

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ABC Manual Testing Interview Questions

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