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ABC OOPS Interview Questions
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What is Agile methodology?

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Write a program to get the binary tree.

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ABC OOPS Interview Questions

Un-Answered Questions

what is the difference between single ratio, multiple core and multiple ratio, multiple core ? please explain.


in one SQM plaster how much Cement and sand consumed in ratio 1:4


on “sed” command EmpData(Sample Database) 1122|j.b. saxena |g.m. |account |12/12/52|6000 2233|n.k. gupta |d.g.m |sales |31/12/40|9000 4545|anil agarwal |director |account |06/07/47|7500 5656|lalit choudhury |executive|marketing|07/09/50|5000 1265|chanchal singhvi|g.m. |admin |12/09/63|6000 0110|shyam saksena |chairman |marketing|12/12/43|8000 5566|jai sharma |director |account |23/12/89|7000 7733|jayant |d.g.m |sales |29/02/70|6000 1. From the above database substitute the delimiter of first 3 lines with “ : “ 2. From the above database substitute the delimiter with “ : ” 3. Insert the string “ XYZ Employees” in the first line. 4. Store the lines pertaining to the directors, d.g.m and g.m into three separate files. 5. Using address store first 4 lines into a file Empupdate. 6. Find the pattern “account” in the database and replaces that with “accounts”. 7. Select those lines which do not have a pattern “g.m”. 8. Insert a blank line after every line in the database.


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