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ABC Load Runner Interview Questions
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What is Injector in Loadrunner?

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Dear Gurus, I have an interview in a company in Chicago and my latest project has the following description can anyone let me know what would be the QUESTIONS that can be asked from the following. Thanks,  Developed test cases and test plans and analyzed the test results using for LoadRunner.  Involved in Load/Performance Testing  Created LoadRunner Scenarios and Scheduled the Virtual user to generate realistic load on the server using LoadRunner.  Created and implemented Performance tests using Mercury Interactive LoadRunner.  Enhancing the scripts using Generator and performed Parameterization and Correlation to meet the requirements.  Involved in performing load and stress test on the application and server by configuring LoadRunner to simulate hundreds of virtual users and provided key metrics to the management.  Configured and Using Performance Monitor to monitor and analyze the performance of the server by generating various reports for CPU utilization, Memory Usage, load average etc.  Involved in conducting stress test and volume test against the application using LoadRunner.  Used Quality Centre to invoke the scripts and initially performed the baseline testing and organized all the scripts systematically and generated reports.  Performed regression testing for every modification in the application using Win Runner.  Involved in performance testing of server’s load and scalability by creating multiple Virtual Users by using Load Runner Virtual User Generator component.  Created detailed test status reports, performance capacity reports and graphical charts for upper management using Load Runner analysis component.  Involved in parameterization of script using VuGen in Load Runner. Please.........

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If a Page is having 5 Links and there are 5 users and each user is clicking on one link. How can we achieve it in Loadrunner.

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ABC Load Runner Interview Questions

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