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ABC ASP.NET Interview Questions
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What is the function of the CustomValidator? a) It allows for custom C# client-side code to validate entries in a control. b) It allows for a custom mixture of validator controls to use one central control for the display of messages. c) It uses scripted client-side code to validate the entry in a control. d) It uses server-side code to validate the entry in a control.

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How many types of session in asp.net2.0

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we can able to display a MessageBox in asp .net without using any script langages?

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difference between gridview,data list and repeater control

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is it possible to use web site without web server from remote place?

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what is the use of

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Can One website be made using two different languages like c#, etc......

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what are debugging types in .net?

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When is an object collected by the Garbage Collector? [Four options were given]

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ABC ASP.NET Interview Questions

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