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ABC Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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How are you qualified for the position of Customs Inspector?

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Why did you want to change(leave) your current(present) job?

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Where i can get the ignou assignment solutions, ignou assignment answers, ignou mba assignments 2009

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I m working in a chemical manufacturing co for their banking and finance dept. I have to prepare a mis report. Could you kindly send me the MIS format and what information it should contain thank u your prompt reply will be highly appreciated


i want link to download brain teasers ebook by ravi narula for written test in software companies interviews.. so plzzzzzz send the link on my email id soon as possible....or give it on this site....

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Role of a Hr in a company


which of the following is known as "vegetative fertilization"? 1.Generative fertilization 2.Syngamy 3.triple fusion 4.Fusion of one male gametophyte with oospore

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ABC Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions

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HI, I am to be interviewed by KARNATAKA BANK for PO on the 7th of May 2010,. Anyone who had gone through interview process ,pls share ur interview experience as it will be invaluable for . Thanks. You can contact me on


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