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ABC L1 Visa Interview Questions
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what are all tools and documention used in asap phase II in implementation project pls explain briefly.


Hi, I am working in TCS, I got an offer from a small company and I applied for B1 visa through tht company and it got rejected 2 months back. So now still im continuing with TCS. Can i apply for L1b blanket through TCS. If not what are the conditions to reapply for the same. Please Let me know ASAP.

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L1B individual Petition got Denied (not visa)due to lack of specialize knowledge, can i apply for H1B? Will it have any impact on my H1B application? Will it have any impact in my future application of Visa? Please help me

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Hi, I got rejected 3 times for B1 2 years back. but that time i was working for small company. now i am going to appear for the L1 visa. my profile has couple of changes, one is, i am working for a bigger well known company and now i have completed MCA. earlier when i got rejected B1, i only had MBA which is not a technical degree since i am into software development. I am qualified technical architect. can any one let me know what are my chances to get through L1? it is urgent please thanks in advance


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ABC L1 Visa Interview Questions

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