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ABC Test Cases Interview Questions
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How do you differentiate the roles of Quality Assurance Manager and Project

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In general, how do you see automation fitting into the overall process of testing?

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Pls write down 3 positive test cases & 2 negative test cases for requirments at the "initiation" & "login" of an ATM machine (format:-Description,test data,methods,set up to test,actions & expected results,any proofs or attachments (optional))

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Give me a example that differentiate Test case Procedure,Test case Scenario,Test case Discription & test steps.


How would you do " Keeping two folders in sync testing"


test cases for restaurant billing system????????

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If there are two document files, from one doc. file we want some text copy & peste into next doc. file. So which are the negative test cases for such scinario.

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Can any one please help me with this? I have application, for this no KT session or FS are provided, So now i have taken bottom-top approach, by writing the system testcase using the application. But my TL told me to write regression testcase. What i understood about regression testcase is that-For one scenrio or testcase multiple data, So testing the same scanario with different multiple data. Is this right or Wrong?

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How to write test cases on for Logging management?

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How to write a Scenario and test cases for escalator

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ABC Test Cases Interview Questions

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