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ABC H1B Visa Interview Questions
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Hi.....I am going to attend the H1B visa interview.. I am a software programmer working on would like to know if the consulate people will ask some technical questions. What all other things should i remember.And what type of question ask in interview....

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My certificates(10+2 onwards) are having the Surname of my parents mentioned but my Passport(which was made based on 10th certificate where even my name was without surname and I made it after changing my name adding the surname) is not having the surname of my parents mentioned. My question is, will it be a problem for me when I apply the H1B visa? I do have the US B1 visa. Now, If I change my passport for the correction, will I have to change anything else apart from the Passport as well? Please reply me on


Hi, I have 5 years work experience ( 2yrs in marketing and 3 yrs in BPO-technical support) and have been to California (currently holding B1 multiple entry visa for 10 years). Qualification: (Computer's) Now I am planning to apply H1 visa. Looking for Desktop or Laptop technician job and hunting for sponsor. 1)Would I be eligible to apply for H1 visa? 2)Will US companies consider my BPO experience? 3)Shall I visit US again then look for the job and then come back to India then file H1 application? Please advise?


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ABC H1B Visa Interview Questions

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