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ABC Law AllOther Interview Questions
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Purchase material & lease the same. In this cases vat & service tax which is appicable?


can i change the jurisdiction of assessing authority of the dealer


Sir, My client A is doing job work on piece rate basis for B a establishment in Baddi in Himachal Pradesh and .His labour are working in Baddi Himschal Pradesh. and the payment was made to A after confirmation from the Quality confirmation department of the establishments and calculated on piece rate basis. Here B is exempted from excise duty from Excise. A has done work up to Feb, 2016t , 2009 nearly Rs15 - 20 lacs in total up to date . he is not charge any Service Tax. Pls advice in this case service tax is exempted if job work is done in excise exempt unit. Pls confirm in this case service Tax is exempted or not. If not exempted the then what amount b has to pay service tax.


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ABC Law AllOther Interview Questions

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