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ABC SAP Basis Interview Questions
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1)Have you used performance tuning? What major steps will you use for these? 2)In production what is the user exit? 3)What type of user exits have you written? 4)Difference between Search Helps and Match Codes 5)On which even we can validate the input fields in module progams? 6)what are the table controls in BDC ? 7)what is the difference between bdc and lsmw ? 8) If the scripts are client dependent, what above driver program ? (client dependent / independent) 9). I have two pages, In one page I want address, Header, Main & footer. In the second page I want only Main. How to do it? 10) Will 50,000 records be uploaded directly into APP's Server? 11) What is the button to change the variant in ALV ? 12) If your project is support project ? when is your implementation has completed ? 13)In start of selection, if we perform validation, what happens ? 12)How to join 3 tallies & looping. We have developed a program in a client say (200- client) and 210 has test data. No developing rights. How to test data? 13)How to transfer data which is coming from are report as output to another report 14)How to create standard text and how do u transfer it ? 15)What are the views when we are creating Material ?


which is the t- code for system landscape

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What is the start up Sequence of Dual stack(ABAP+ JAVA) SAP system??

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What is SAPCPE.EXE??

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What are the Prerequisite for Refresh?? If there are 100 rfc before refresh in Quality Systesm, then after we need to create them manually in Quality sys.???

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Apart from Update WP,which WP can also perform update in Database?? When we give print request, which WP comes into the picture??

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What is the deference between JSPM and SDM??

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in sm51 server status ,when we used passive status ? ,can we change passive 2 active , if yes then how ? 

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ABC SAP Basis Interview Questions

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