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ABC Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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what is the need of communication skills?

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how did spent your yesterday?

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what is your strengths? what is your weaknesses? what motivate you?

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what are the works of qualist analyst in bpo


1.How to describe my school days

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Who is the team leader in a BPO? What is the responsibility of a team leader in bpo? What is the kRA for a team leader in BPO? What are the Core skills needed for Team Lead? What was accomplished as an inbound team lead? What are challenges face by a team leader of a bpo? What are vital Contingency plans a team lead must take car How should a team lead play as a good team player? As a team lead how do you pacify an angry client? How you will resolve if there is problem between your Team member and get work done? Explain how you estimate your project / task end dates and then monitor them to ensure that dead lines are met. How did you measure your success as a team leader? How is the effectiveness of a team measured by team lead? How important is leadership and communication skill plays part in a team leader role? What is Self-managed team leadership? How must the team leader play the role of learner to benefit a team? What are the Leadership Styles a good team leader must follow? How does a team lead identify performance problems and solve the same among their team members? How can a team lead keep the team organized to meet deadlines or goals? What are the training methodologies a team leader must take to educate a team? What steps must a team lead take to focus the skills of team members to higher authorities? What are the attributes a team leader must look for while selecting members for their team? What steps must a team leader take to motivate the team? Why is people management attribute very important for a team lead? What are the weakest qualities or attributes a team leader should avoid definitely? As a team lead how do you enforce priority on a group member when he feels that the other thing is more important than the first? What are the communication methods you followed within team and to client ? scenario :- What you will do if the Team members do not like you As a Team Lead how do you deal with the toughest group and get their cooperation? Explain a scenario where you go in Win-Win situation or tell scenario where you provide a solution by which client and your team was Happy. An executive in the team is absconding for 10 days and did not inform his team leader. He text his leader on 11th day that he is unwell but when TL tried calling him back, he did not respond. After 1 week, he came back to office with a medical certificate If conflict arises between two people how will solve that. If one person is overlooking into others job how to deal with such type of people How should a team lead handle a team member who always gives defensive response?

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Can anybody help how to get job in HSBC BPO, Kolkata. Please mail me

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how did you spend your free time

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what i ask about myself in interview ?

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what is most memorable moment?

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why dont call centers prefer engineering students?

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HOW you spend the last day? how you spend the last Birthday.


Whay did you join us to B P O

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ABC Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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