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ABC Accounting General Interview Questions
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Features of Fixed Capital

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How many ways can i increase paid up capital? Can i use retained earnings and change into paid up capital? If yes, what are the entries in the books?

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Examples each for golden rules of accounting

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sir ,can effect on wbs element after wbs selected in t code : FBCJ for cash receipt?


My company has taken a car loan from HDFC Bank, Assume 7.5 lacs. but it disbursed after deducted adv emi. how to pass the jv for that . Plz pass the entry

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pls state ledger group in tally ? 1. input vat 2.output vat 3.cenvat credit duty 4.excise duty payable 5.service tax input 6.output service tax 7. tds payable 8. tds receivable.


Calculation of closing Stock give example?

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Pls.tell me related purchase orders.

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What is difference between SEZ Developer & SEZ Unit?

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what is Vat c-4 form why using

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what will you achieve for the company if you are employed to work

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What is the journal and payment entry of P.F and E.S.I

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who issues the accounting standards?

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what is the reserve & surplus ?

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1. purchase of tally software is treated as assent or indirect expenses , then underwhich group it comes on tally 2. outstanding expenses is under what group in tally

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ABC Accounting General Interview Questions

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