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ABC MFC Interview Questions
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Q1. A. What is unary operator? List out the different operators involved in the unary operator. B. What is an adjust field format flag? Q2. A. Distinguish between a # include and #define. B. Can a list of string be stored within a two dimensional array? Q3. A. Explain how a pointer to function can be declared in C++? B. List the merits and demerits of declaring a nested class in C++? Q4. A. What are the syntactic rules to be avoid ambiguity in multiple inheritence? B. Explain the operation of overloading of an assignment operator. Q5. A. Explain how the virtual base class is different from the conventional base classes of the opps. B. Explain how an exception handler is defined and invoked in a Program. Q6. A. What is a binary file? List the merits and demerits of the binary file usagein C++. B. Write short notes on Text Manipulation Routines. C. Write bites in Turbo c++ Header ("Include") Files.

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ABC MFC Interview Questions

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