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ABC General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The largest lake in India is: (a) Dal Lake (b) Wular Lake (c) Pushkar Lake (d) Badkhal Lake

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The formula for rust is: (A) FeO (B) Fe2O3 (C) Fe3O4 (D) Fe2O3 xH2O

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The joint sitting of Indian Parliament for transacting legislative business is presided over by (1) The president of India (2) The Vice-President (3) Speaker of the Lok Sabha (4) The Senior ? most member of the Parliament

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Colonel rank of the Indian Army is equivalent to which of the following ranks of the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force? 1 Group Caption (Indian Air Force) 2 Wing Commander (Indian Air Force) 3 Commander (Indian Navy) 4 Commodore (Indian Navy)

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?Because you deserve to know? is the punchline used by 1 The Times of India 2 The Hindu 3 Indian Express 4 Hindustan Times

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Which of the following is not a Central Government Tax? 1 Income tax 2 Customs 3 Land tax 4 Corporation tax

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. The gas used in a refrigerator to cool water is : (a) Nitrogen (b) Carbon dioxide (c) Methane (d) Ammonia

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. Mahatma Gandhi was referred to as ‘the Father of the Nation’ first by (a) Jawaharlal Nehru (b) Vallabhbhai Patel (c) C. Rajagopalachari (d) Subhas Chandra Bose

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. The first to start a joint stock company to trade with India were the (a) Portuguese (b) Dutch (c) French (d) Danish

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All current affairs ang G.K.questions.

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What was d name of first bank established in India ?

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ABC General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

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