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ABC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Which is the best between SCADA & PLCC & Why ?

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what are tpes of insulaors& its uses

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What is the Good Earth resistance value of G.I & Cu. Chemical Earthing & Normal Pipe Earthing?


we have 3 phase 4 wire supply 230/415 V.AC and our distribution is single phase or we have all single phase 220 v,ac operated appliances. and noted the current with help of clamp meter Red to N = 20 Amps. Yellow to N = 45Amps and Blue to N = 30 Amps ( total is 95 Amps ) what will be neutral current on the main .

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What will happen if 2 phase supply is given to 3 phase motor?

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For backup batteries connection,which method is best? series or parallel ?  

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What is difference between Over Current & Earth Fault protection?


What is meant by shunt current?

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How to size Air Circuit breaker (ACB)? What is the most important factors?


When to use Oil Transformer type and When to use Dry type? What is the difference between both?

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Double Busbar Scheme for outdoor switch yard system (132kv) step up power plant Hi friends 1. in this system both busbars energized all the time. 2. what is the meaning of main BB and transfer BB, 3. step up transformer connect main bus bar all the time or both BB connected through DS switch . 4.bus sectionalization means ? thank you.

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1 “earthing” for bonding of equipment and circuits to common plant earth electrode potential, 2 “protective earthing (PE)” when this bonding is required for personal safety provisions 3 “grounding” for interference suppressing bonding of screens, sys-tems with ground level 4. low-impedance earthing ? 5.primary earthing system and secondary earthing system what is that? 6.earthing electrode or mesh net earthing electrode ? very confusing , simple but very informative help required ? i will be very very thankful to you guys.


what is the difference between switchgear and circuit breakers and is there any difference between outdoor and indoor switchgear and circuit breakers , and how would you differentiate between switch yard and substation and grid station . thanks


While miss missed name platform fo electric motor how to calculate simple fourmul,?

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ABC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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