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ABC SQL Server Interview Questions
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What do you mean by COLLATION?

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Explain the architecture of SQL Server?

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Which command executes the contents of a specified file?

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how to connect sybase to sql server 2005?.

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what are questions asked in TCS for database tester (sqlserver)for 2-3 exp?


write the query for taking database backup in sql

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Can we create clustered index on non primary key column

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How to write the storeprocedure with in the store procedure? and how can we write the store procedure with in a trigger vice versa? plz post me the exact answer?


how to update a null value field in sql server eg a table contains 3 fields id,name,salary and 3 records salary of 1 record is null i want update the nullfield 111 arun 300 112 ddd 200 113 ttt null i want to update table with add 100 to every record include null after updation the recrds should be 111 arun 400 112 ddd 300 113 ttt 100

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How we Resize table,temp table, database and log file size in SQL Server 2005

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What is the difference between in and exists. Ex: select * from emp where empno in(....) and select * from emp where empno exists(....) What is the difference between a Join and Union and Union and UnionAll.

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How to change location of errorlog in SQL?

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how many no of arguments can be passed in procedures and functions

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how to get rank of diffrent student in same table based on newly inserted row in sql server2008

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ABC SQL Server Interview Questions

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