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ABC SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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What is the difference of between these two tables,, that are v_512w_d, and v_512w_b? and also let me the relation?

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i do not find the category Sap HR .Let me know who is the moderator for this forums


Please find below tickets...if anybody has idea about the solutions plz giv answer ASAP.. · Leave Encashment Calculation for Trainee · On-Line Test · Disability Infotype · Balances in SAP HR module is not reconciliation · Change of State of HQ's · 1-NDFL form · ESOP – capture of Grants; Vesting and Ex · Need to modify the programe ZVENDOR_BLOC · Online Assessment Tool - Modifications · Issue in Leave quota generation · New Income Tax slab Rates-VR Payment · Unable to add absence quota balances · Grant on Child care in HR · Vacation compensation after employee left · Issues with Initial Set-up · file cannot be downloaded in speadsheet, · Bifurcating Payroll Area · Ptax Calculation · Leave quota is not displaying in Portal


1.if v wanna transfer an employee from branch A to branch B with new PERNR then how can v do that? 2.if v transfer am employee from Maharashtra to Delhi in the middle of the month then how v do professional tax to him? 3.what is meant by Split? 4.what is difference between IT8 and IT14, Why we maintain Advance in 14infotype, not in 8infotype? 5.What is allowance grouping? what is the use of it? 6.Use of OM, is it important to run Payroll, if yes why and how?

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where you link wage types and processing class say specification 10(factoring)?

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What are 401K infotypes in US Payroll?

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How we configure infogroups and infotype menu?

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1.what r salary processing infotypes? 2.What r the 2 important fields required to fill 2 run payroll? 3.How 2 create infogroup? 4. Infotypes for 401k deductions? 5. What is allowance grouping (not only definition...what is the use detail)

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ABC SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions

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