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ABC Interview Questions
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From, which load current range ( upper - lower limit current)can Air circuit breaker used for in electrical circuit.

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check list of maintenance of transformer?

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what will be the output of ls ~/..

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How to record & run on Japanese language application using english version of QTP ???

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Selection criteria for Vector group in power / distribution transformer.

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how to calculate the steel for rcc slab? plz tell me the formula for calculating the steel?

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which is the t- code for system landscape

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How would you do " Keeping two folders in sync testing"


Case study like you have been assigned in a team which going through a crucial phase of the project. Then how you can save your project to release on time without any defect leakageā€¦.

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Why java Don't Support Multiple interitence

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how give earthing to shif and aeroplane which is away from earth?

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what is the working principle of ceiling fan and table fan?

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If there are two document files, from one doc. file we want some text copy & peste into next doc. file. So which are the negative test cases for such scinario.

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Test case's for a window having 4 button's addition, subdtraction, multiplication,division of two numbers having two no range(0,10000) and result box having range between (100,100000).

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what are debugging types in .net?

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ABC Interview Questions

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Hi..Guys, (1). Iam intrested in Webdesinging, can u pls tell me openings for the post of webdesigners in any company.. (2). Pls let me know the new openings in any MNC around Hyderabad.