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ABC Interview Questions
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What are the main advantages of synchronous circuit?

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If you know per phase current and phase to phase voltage; what is overall KW of the circuit?

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When is an object collected by the Garbage Collector? [Four options were given]

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what is percentage impedance of transformer? explain its significance

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What is the parameter of water tube, boiler water, feed water and condensate water?

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I have 5 steps in my jcl ,I need to execute first three steps and then 2nd step again ,4th and 5th steps if rc of 2nd step is zero

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write a procedure to find top second no from a list of numbers

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What is output of the following?

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what is e-1 sales

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NFS server + Solaris client + Linux client, all connected at GigE to the same switch. The Linux client is fast but the Solaris client is slow. Explain troubleshooting steps

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why airtel use + 24 volts and other operators use -48 volt


how many kg cement & fine sand reqird in one sq meter 1:6 mortar ratio?


how many bags of cement are needed to make a cement mortar of 1:3

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In a day One Mason can fix How many sqm of 60x60 tiles?

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What is difference between Over Current & Earth Fault protection?


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ABC Interview Questions

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