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ABC Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is difference between windows application and Web Application?

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Which type of testing combines two modules?

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Test case's for a window having 4 button's addition, subdtraction, multiplication,division of two numbers having two no range(0,10000) and result box having range between (100,100000).

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Tell me test cases for water bottle

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INTERVIEW question:- Explain the process in your company?

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In real time how Data base testing is done Manually? Mean to ask we write sql queries WHere, If you r using test management tool like HP QC

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How to explain a banking project in interview ? like project discription is Client Online Banking Application provides access to information relating to Banking Online Services provided by Axis to View daily customer transactions, Current and Previous customer statements, Transfer funds from Chequing and Savings accounts ................ From interview point of view can any one explain this project in laymans language


Hi, Im B.E 2011 pasout,worked in back office till now, but now im searching for job into manual testing with fake exp of 1 year..Plz suggest me how to prepare for an intervw? how to gain real time testing knowledge? Is dere any site where i can practice testing?


why we need to write test cases?

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Write the test cases for yahoo home page


Write the test cases for godaddy home page


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ABC Manual Testing Interview Questions

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