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ABC Taxation Interview Questions
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What is the meaning of "ROC"? pls give detail information regarding ROC procedure.

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why issue c form? what is procedure of issuing 'c' form?

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What is minium bill of TDS Deduction Example If Contractor give us 1st Bill - 10000/- 2nd Bill - 15000/- 3rd Bill - 7000/-

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Do companies pay exactly same amt of P.F (as employer's Contribution )as deducted from employee's salary Eg. employee's cont. 5000/- employer's cont. 5000/- is it

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which form no's wiil be used for filing IT,ADVANCE TAX, TDS,VAT,CST,ST,PT,EXICE DUTY,ESI,PF?What is the Due Dates? very urgent


What is the Penalty/Interest charges if non-payment before due date for IT,TDS,ADVANCE TAX,VAT,ST,EXCISE DUTY,PT,ST.PF,ESI?very urgent.

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what is the Intrest Rate for CST Delay Payment

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how many salary + incentive aplicable for TDS ? Ex. 10,000 is salary and incentive is 8,000 can deduct TDS?

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what is reverse credit & how it is calculated in vat law in west bengal?


If there is differance in value written on the road permit (along with transfer invoice) and the tax invoice (which is generated after dispatch of material)for inter state sale (specially uttarakhand)which value to be consider for C form?

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what is D-1, D-2, Vat-C4,


What is the differance between Direct Tax and Indirect Tax?

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What are the Treatment & Implications in interstate sales transactions if party is unregistered dealer & having Exemption Certificate or exempted.


What is the TDS percentage advertisement

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One of my party i.e. ABC (prop. firm) is providing repairing/alteration service relating to Comm. Construction.. (not new construction), they have provided a repairing/alteration service to one co-op. bank...i.e. XYZ………. At the time of audit by central excise dept., officers has asked/directed to bank to pay the service tax by the ABC (for year 07-08 & 08-09)..... Now, my question is …..:Is my Party ABC liable to pay the service tax ?

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ABC Taxation Interview Questions

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