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Infosys Interview Questions
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how to use showbits function?

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A table contains list of customers and his city with other details. Each customer has a unique number and the table consists millions of data. Query is: I want to retrieve 10 customers from each city, no script, only from single query?

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How to link enterprise structure to personal structure?

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Hi Friends. I want complete technical flow of j2ee project with following technologies. jsp , servlet , Struts , Hibernate , (should follow mvc-2 design pattern) . with DAO ,DTO SERVICE layers .


which are the five general EMI(electromagnetic interference) testings conducted on any system?


why ship doesnt sink sea

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How to get employee name from employee table which is the fiveth highest salary of the table

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is assignment operator is arithmatic or not

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WRITE A C PROGRAM FOR PRINT "RHOMBUS" STRUCTURE . Example: Enter the numbers :3 * * * * * * * *

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what is difference between primary market & secondary market?

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tell me quantitys of matal, sand and cement in 1:4:8 and 1:2:4

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can we give special characters in password

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write a c program to print "Welcome" without using semicolon in the whole program ??

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How to call the dll at runtime in .Net?

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what is ur weakness?

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Infosys Interview Questions

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