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Infosys Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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As a proof of my analytical skills I was asked to give an example of a real life situation that i have solved analytically ? Can anybody give me a clue what kind of examples should be a suitable answer ?


you are a civil engineering student so what you have done to improve your knowdge

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how inovative you are? do u define innovation?

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explain yourself?

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Why there is no use of sea water in producing electricity

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tell me quantitys of matal, sand and cement in 1:4:8 and 1:2:4

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what is the difference between site engineer & site incharge

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infosys campus ques... u drive a car,nmb of d car is KA17M8719. it leaves at10:26am frm davanager to bangalor which is264km away at a speed of 95km/hrCar reachs bangalor at 4:18pm. nw tel me wat is d date of birth of drvr

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component parts of a weir

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What is the difference between pressure pipe and non pressure (NP) pipe?

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What is quantity of cement and sand required for 2000sqft of tiling?


relation bet Coefficient consolidation Cv, time factor Tv, drainage path d, & time t is Cv=d2Tv/t Cv=d2t/Tv Cv=tTv/d2 Cv=Tv/td2

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Infosys Civil Engineering Interview Questions

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