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Infosys Visual Basic Interview Questions
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What is the difference between a ActiveX DLL and a ActiveX EXE?

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What are the types of validations available in Visual Basic?

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What is ActiveX Control?


How would you add column headers in listview control?


What is the use of progress Bar Control?


Difference between listbox and combo box.

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What does option Explicit means?

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Can we display only integers / numbers through the message box? Is there any constraint to do so?

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Which ADO object is used to perform commit / rollback ? Is it command or connection or recordset I am not sure of the options given. So please let me know the answer if it is something else.

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Can Redim be used to declare a new array ?

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If we can make more than one MDI Form in VB then How? I need to make 2 MDI Forms in my project.

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Infosys Visual Basic Interview Questions

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