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Infosys JCL Interview Questions
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There are a set of 10 files and a customer will be selecting random no of files(i.e they may be more than 2, may not be in the order).Sometimes he might just select one file or sometimes no files at all.How do you code a JCL for this? Is it possible to code just JCL alone for this problem?

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what is the default region size if I dont specify region parametre in my job card ( I know that if I specify region=0k or 0M, then the job will occupy all he available resources at the time of job execution), but I want to know the defult value for "region" paramatre.

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I have a JCL which 20 steps. How do I execute 17 th step alone (It should execute only 17ths tep.and it should not execute 18,19,20 steps??

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What are the default system and catalog libraries in JCL?

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how can we pass external data to instream procedures

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i want to restart frm step 2, previously i coded cond parameter on step2 wht happens at tht time ?

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how to convert fb to vb in jcl ?

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What is catelog procedure and how many catelog procedure to use in one job?

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How to check empty file in jcl?

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How to pass values in jcl to cobol?

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How to pass the parameter in parm using linkage section ? (syntax)?


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Infosys JCL Interview Questions

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