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Infosys Interview Questions
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relation bet Coefficient consolidation Cv, time factor Tv, drainage path d, & time t is Cv=d2Tv/t Cv=d2t/Tv Cv=tTv/d2 Cv=Tv/td2

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what is self join and how it works??

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Write a C program that defines a 2-dimentional integer array called A [50][50]. Then the elements of this array should randomly be initialized either to 1 or 0. The program should then print out all the elements in the diagonal (i.e. a[0][0], a[1][1],a[2][2], a[3][3], ……..a[49][49]). Finally, print out how many zeros and ones in the diagonal.

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File not opened because library is *PROD and debug is UPDPROD(*NO). ? what may be the reason? how to solve it..?


The type of variable a pointer points to must be the part of pointer's definition so that:

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What are the security measures we have to take for our site not to hack by others?

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which of the following is not a storage class specifier in c?

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how segregation of duties in sap security?

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What are configuration steps required for payment to domestic vendors and foreign vendors in single app run. If we have 2 bank accounts one for domestic and another for foreign vendors, it has to pickup automatically respective bank

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What primary key and foreign key relationship

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Infosys Interview Questions

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