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Infosys SAP Security Interview Questions
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What is the main purpose of Parameters, Groups & Personalization tabs in SU01 and Miniapps in PFCG? thanks in advance

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One of the user logged into Production System, changed a table and then logged out. How will you track him?

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How to assign more than 312 profiles to any user?? As 312 profiles are limited to assign in any user account.

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Could you please let me know the exact step by step process for the following Questions. 1.How to get the E-Mail address for 100 users at a time. 2.While Creating BW roles what are the Authorization Objects we will use. 3.While Creating Single role what will be happened in the functional side, when entered the Template role in the derived role tab. 4.when we changed the password for more users(for example:100 users) where the password will be stored or from where you can Re-Collect the password and how will you Communicate the password to all users at a time. 5.What is Virsa? Once you entered in to the screen what it will perform. 6.What is the use of SU24 & SM24. 7.While Creating BW roles what are the Authorization Objects we will use. 8.While Creating Single role what will be happened in the functional side, when you entered the Template role in the derived role tab. 9.What is Dialog users, Batch users and Communicate users. What is the use with Communicate user. 10.Can we add one Composite role in to another Composite role at any urgent user requests or in normal user requests. 11.In Transport what type of Request we will use.Why don't we use Workbench request in transport. 12.When we added Authorization Object in Template role, at the same time what will be happen in Derived role. 13.How to Check Profile parameter. And how to find whether any transport has ended with error and where we can check. 14.How to Extract users list like who didn't login since 3 months. And In 90 Days user Locking in which table we will use. 15.What is OSS Connection and System Opening and why we have to open these. 16.What will have in one single role and how many prifiles will be in one sap cua system. 17.What is the difference between Template role & Derive role.

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How to restrict Table access in SAP?

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What does below stand for? SAP ERP ECC ABAP BASIS

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i have one role in development then this role need to be available in production how to achieve this?

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how segregation of duties in sap security?

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Infosys SAP Security Interview Questions

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