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Infosys SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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What are two parts of package ?

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what is the difference between to_char and to_date functions?

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How do you optimize SQL queries ?

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What are nested triggers ?

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What is a bitmap index?

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When we give SELECT * FROM EMP; How does oracle respond?

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What is the usage of NVL?

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how to find the second highest salary from emp table?

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write a qurey for finding the length of the sting.

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please explain database architecture..

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How to get employee name from employee table which is the fiveth highest salary of the table

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Write a query to genarate target column.Please answer me. Advance Thanks. Src Tgt Q10 Quarter to 2010 Q90 Quarter to 1990 Q80 Quarter to 1980 Q74 Quarter to 1974

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Can we use out parameter in function?

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What will be the output for the below Query Select 'High' from dual where null = null;

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what is the difference between stored procedure and packaged procedure

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Infosys SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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