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Infosys Taxation Interview Questions
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1.What is the meaning of tranfer income?

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tds deduction all categries details

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Ho to calculate FBT ? Which Exepense heads are comes under the category of FBT ? What is th e slab or rate ?

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what is pf & esic calculation on ctc how much perstange apply from both the side ,employee as well employer we have to deduct the employee and employer % from ctc or employer has to pay the % of employer sepreterlyfrom his own or form employee ctc?

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How to reimburse TDS(Tax Deducted at Source)? I am getting monthly stipend of RS11,500. But still my employer deducting 1300 pm as TDS. They said they will issue form 16A to reimbruss. Please tell me the procedure to get my money back.

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Q1. What is the TDS rates for the current year 2009-10. for commission, Rent , contract and sub-contract Advertising. Q 2. What is the current year professional tax slab.

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1. How many types of vat? 2. What is the sales tax purpose?

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What is Inter Company Reconciliation?

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what is input rebet on sale tax?

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What is the CST rate in India for sale of Tractor spare parts

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interest paid to bank rs.15000 in conection with statutory income tax proceedings.


how to mix calculation VAT & CST in account where charged VAT & CST in bill

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If seller sale exempted goods outside the state then "c form" is necessary or not?

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Infosys Taxation Interview Questions

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