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Infosys Interview Questions
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What is function pointer and where we will use it

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What is the time complexity T(n) of the following program? a) int n, d, i, j; cin >> n; for (d=1; d<=n; d++) for (i=1; i<=d; i++) for (j=1; j<=n; j += n/10) cout << d << " " << i << " " << j << endl; b) void main() { int n, s, t; cin >> n; for (s = 1; s <= n/4; s++) {t = s; while (t >= 1) { cout << s << " " << t << endl; t--; } } } c) void main() { int n, r, s, t; cin >> n; for (r = 2; r <= n; r = r * 2) for (s = 1; s <= n/4; s++) { t = s; while (t >= 1) { cout << s << " " << t << endl; t--; } } }

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What are the qualities if the tester ?

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What are all the points to keep in consideration, while we are migrating the Universes,Reports from BO5.1.6 to BO 6.5? Is is compatible to migrate like this? Does it effect the filters in Reports and Join in the Universe?


plz send me hpcl placement papers in electrical stream

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what is meant by boiler

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Who fixes the bug as Severity and priority ?

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what are the oops concept in java explain with real time examples

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what is difference between colection and collections?

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Can we display only integers / numbers through the message box? Is there any constraint to do so?

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What is MVC?

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what could be the problem if invoice_id is same in ap_invoices_all and ap_invoices_interface. while the Ord_id , invoice_num, and other things is diffrent .

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What are the types of tables in Teradata

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How do you test pop up with LR? My whole application running on pop up. Its a JSP page written on pop up window.

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what are the disadvantages of C++?

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Infosys Interview Questions

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