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Infosys Cognos Interview Questions
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How to configure the Cognos configurations to work in the Windows 2000 Server machine?

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How to pass multiple values from picklist prompt to sub report filter?

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What is IQD?What is contained in IQD?

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how u burst the reports? if u r bursted reports is not reached to destination how u identify???

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What is an open session command in cognos connection?what is it meant for?

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What is meant by Tabular SQL in Cognos Report net

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I have a reports on cognos ep7series version3 with database SQl2000.Now i am migrating database SQL2000 to SQL2005.Then What happens to cognos reports and also there is reports cubes then how can i handle this problem please give me step by step solution b'coz i am new to cognos ep7series


how will optimiz the performance of sql in FM ?

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what is dynamic sort?

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Explain the workflow of your current project from end to end?what is the steps?

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Infosys Cognos Interview Questions

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