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Infosys C Interview Questions
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Define function ?Explain about arguments?

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C passes By value or By reference?

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difference between my-strcpy and strcpy ?

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What compilation do?

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macros and function are related in what aspect? a)recursion b)varying no of arguments c)hypochecking d)type declaration

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how many error occurs in C language ?

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how many header file is in C language ?

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what is the differance between pass by reference and pass by value.

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Write a programme to find even numbers without using any conditional statement?

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what is the output? #define fun(a,b,t) (g ##t=(a),(a)=(b),(b)=g##t) float gfloat; main() { float a=1.12,b=3.14; fun (a,b,float); printf("na=%4.2f,b=%4.2f",a,b); } A)Error in Defining Macro B)a=1.12,b=3.14 C)a=3.14,b=1.12 D)None of the Above

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which one is not preprocessor directive a)#if b)#elif c)#undef d)#pragma

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What is function pointer and where we will use it

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A C E G H +B D F A I ------------ E F G H D

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Average of a couple 10 years ago was 25. The average remains same after having a child and twins after 3 years. What is the present age of the first child

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write the program for prime numbers?

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Infosys C Interview Questions

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