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Infosys CCNA Interview Questions
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Identify 3 characteristics of an IP address? A.) Contains a network portion and a host portion B.) 32 bits long C.) Unique to each network D.) Part of the default Cisco configuration E.) Referred to as the hardware address

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What is the total bandwidth of all channels on a BRI circuit? A. 56 kps B. 64 kps C. 112 kps D. 128 kps E. 144. kps

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what is the difference between switch and router??

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Which IEEE standard is used to define Wi-Fi? A. IEEE 802.3 B. IEEE 802.5 C. IEEE 802.11h D. IEEE 802.11c E. IEEE 802.11

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why we twist the cable in case of twisted pair cable?plz give me technical answer.

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what is AD Value?

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1) How a router established a neighbor relation ship in ospf

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what is prefix list


What is STP and what is the difference between PVST and RSTP


Suppose we have some switch in network and we are running RSTP how much convergence time will be there if one link down


What is HSRP and what is difference between HSRP and GLBP

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Why we used Virtual MAC in GLBP


Suppose a Switch interface went in error-dis mode what you will do for Troubleshooting List all Possibilities


What is Phase od VPN in site to site and what information you will require to configure a SITE to SITE VPN


what is Bandwidth capping


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Infosys CCNA Interview Questions

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