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Infosys Informatica Interview Questions
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Where is the cache stored in informatica?

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What is Micro Strategy? Why is it used for?

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we have a parameter file in Unix location where we have .txt files and those file will be used as source in informatica. I cannot use source file name directly as file name will keep on changing in unix location. I need to define $$InputFile as parameter. Can anybody send me the parameter file and the steps to handle this.

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How to list Top 10 salary, without using Rank Transmission?

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how can we load first and last record from a flat file source to target?

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Hey I am net to informatica? Can any one explain me step by step How scd will work ?

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get me output as if input is like 1 x o/p-->1 x,y,z 1 y 2 a,b 1 z 3 c 2 a 2 b 3 c


get me the resultant input:- 1 x,y,z output:- 1 x 2 a,b 1 y 3 c 1 z 2 a 2 b 3 c

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How to Explain My project flow,In TCS ased me this question. In which way i can start my project flow and they asked how many fact tables and dimensional tables u used. Can any one Explain Briefly for this question and project architecture also.. please..

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Hi Friends, How i could convert a cobol file (VSAM) into the flat file? How i could edit a cobol source file (VSAM)? I want to introduce few columns in the source file and finally the target should be in the Cobol itself. Kindly suggest me friends. Thanks in Advance, Innai

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What are the challenges you have faced in your project?

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Performance tuning( what you did in performance tuning)


Label in Informatica. How to remove existing Label.

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Stage is which type of load is it a full load or incremental load Please let me know in detail with best example

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Infosys Informatica Interview Questions

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