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Infosys Business Management AllOther Interview Questions
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Dear Sir i am working in Infosys pune. I am thinking of doing MBA partime. Could you please list the universities in pune. Which have good Campus placement


A. What is the system approach to management? Explain the salient features of this approach. B. Describe various managerial skills briefly. Discuss the roles these skills could play in building an institution

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why u got less marks in graduation

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I was working for a major Bank for five (5) yrs. in NYC as a opertional manager and was sent to India several times to train staff at new location. I fell in love with a member of the staff in India and resigned from my postion in NYC. I have been in India since April,2011 and will be returning in January, 2011 with my partner. What reason do I give for living in India for 10 months with no job?

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Infosys Business Management AllOther Interview Questions

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