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Infosys C Code Interview Questions
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Program to Delete an element from a doubly linked list.

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How to swap two variables, without using third variable ?

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Sorting entire link list using selection sort and insertion sort and calculating their time complexity

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1) int i=5; j=i++ + i++ + i++; printf("%d",j);This code gives the answer 15.But if we replace the value of the j then anser is different?why? 2)int i=5; printf("%d",i++ + i++ + i++); this givs 18.

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How do I write a program to print proper subset of given string . Eg :input: abc output:{},{a},{b},{c},{a,b},{a,c},{b,c}, {a,b,c}.I desperately need this program please mail me to

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Find the largest number in a binary tree

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program to find the roots of a quadratic equation

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What are segment and offset addresses?

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main() { printf("%d, %d", sizeof('c'), sizeof(100)); } a. 2, 2 b. 2, 100 c. 4, 100 d. 4, 4

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void main() { int const * p=5; printf("%d",++(*p)); }

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how to print 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 using any loop(for or while) only once(only 1 loop) and maximum 2 variables using C.

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Is it possible to type a name in command line without ant quotes?

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Infosys C Code Interview Questions

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