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Infosys Funny Interview Questions Interview Questions
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i have shifted my career from retail store manager to technical best can i handle this question in interview

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What happens when one crosses 1800 longitude from west to east?

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one girl she is blind deaf and dum and also uneducated and one boy he loves her. without touching the girl how ot propose the love to her. wat is the answer please reply

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rich man keeps me in the pocket, poorman throws me away, kids eat me its tamil word

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Rich man keeps me in the pocket poor man throws me away kids eat me its tamil word _u_e_l who am i?

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What is your favourite? Write 200 words

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Solve this: Im a 11 Letter City. Last 6 letter is fruit name. 7,8,3 is a bird name. 6,7,5,3 is a part of a face. 1,8,3 is use 4 student. 9,5,3 is a soap name.

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my 1st friend gave me 1000 and 2nd gave me 500 i have loos 1000 rupees then i purchase some thing with the cost of 300 and gave 100 100 both friends 1st friend remaining 900 and 2nd remaining 400 900+400+300=1600 why

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Infosys Funny Interview Questions Interview Questions

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