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Infosys SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Brief scenario of check table / value table?

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What is the significance of at line-selection event?

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what is diffrence between table control and alv grid in dialog programming in abap.

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can any body explain the life cycles of SD & MM

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which of the following are used to define data in abap 1)parametrs 2)tables 3)class 4)data

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2 4015 help is there for table or structure or both? structure there is no technical attribute, then how will u call data elements/fields into the structure? 3. i want to add/write some code in sap standard program in function module related in badi,then how will u write your code in sap standard Fm in badi? 4.what is kapler badi? 5.what is the use of log text in table technical attributes while creating table? 6.what are the fields i have to take to releae/creat a PO from Pur req? 7. if i have already release po as per the Pur req and vendor supplied the material,then again i want same 100 material,then wt will u do? are u release po again? what are steps u follow for this situation?

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Hi, I have 100 records in a table, how to read every 7Th record each in that...

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how to sort internal table?with out sort statement?

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when a material is created through BDC, does it add the created material in mara table?Or else where the material created is stored?(In which table?)

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field symbol work as a pointer,but it store address of question is ,it got address from sap memory or abap memory or in database server ? i mean that address indicate to which memory ?

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If i have 6 fields in our ztables,But when i would like to display the contents,then only 4 fields would be come up,HOW IT WILL Handle?

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What primary key and foreign key relationship

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Types of tables in sap

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how to combine the transparent table with cluster table.


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Infosys SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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