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Infosys VB.NET Interview Questions
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How do you declare static variable and how it is declared and what is its lifetime?

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what are the advantage in and different between vb and

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Is VB.NET object oriented? What are the inheritances does VB.NET support ?

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How do you rate yourself in .NET ?

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What does VS.NET contains ?

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i had attended to infosys interview on 17th april 2010...on .net..3+ experience .. to my knowledge i did well in technical and they asked me to wait for next process i waited for 15 min ..later one person came and said give 7-10 days time for intimation of next process do they keep technical and hr on different day ...or i loose the interview confused yaar please any say na what accuatly would be happend

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Sir, what code to store data from vb net sql server 2008 to 2005 and at the same time in order to validate the data entered is not the same, but there have been contacts in the module. Examples such as the log table that I created, the user name as the primary key.


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Infosys VB.NET Interview Questions

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