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Infosys DB2 Interview Questions
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What is the difference between a package and a plan?

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why should we bind the DB2 program . What if we did not BIND a BD2 program ??

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How to resolve SQL Code -310. The db table feild is declared as Decimal(7,2).

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What is the specific need of Plan and..where are the tables in DB2 are physically saved

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Can we declare cursor in Procudere division or open the cursor in the Working storage section. Is there any particular rules in the usage of cursors lifecycle

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how to u check the query is executing or not ?where will u check for sqlcode ?

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in a table consist of 1000 records among that i was updated 145 record how could i know that ..list of recently updated record's and where could i see those updated record's....pls help me out....

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in my table i will update only 100 record among 1000 records i need to display recently updated record'.....can u tell me where those records are stored how can i display those records...?if there is any sql query pls let me know....?

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File not opened because library is *PROD and debug is UPDPROD(*NO). ? what may be the reason? how to solve it..?


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Infosys DB2 Interview Questions

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