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Infosys QA Concepts Interview Questions
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What is automation Framework?

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what is the difference between CMM and CMMI?

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what is metrics? type of metrics?

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What is QA Life cycle

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What is CMM and CMMI? What is the difference?

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what is the role of QA in all the phases of SDLC?

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What is base concept of QA against usability Issues


defect, error, failure, fault

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How much Salary can u ask for Manual Tester Position with 1+yrs of Experience in an MNC like Infosys?

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Suggest me MCQ book for Software testing


Requirement Analysis – Rs1000, Code Review – Rs500, Review of User Documents – Rs600, Continuing Education Programs – Rs800, Design – Rs400, Then what is the Cost of Quality?

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Infosys QA Concepts Interview Questions

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