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Infosys HR Questions Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

229 435721

Tell me about an innovative approach that you took to accomplish something.

3 9656

About yourSelf ?

1 5312

Have you done database design / development ?

5 10483

why should we give u job ?

24 35443

what do you know about this company ?

3 16297

If HR person asked tell me about yourself then what is the sequence points to tell him the answer

33 78839

What is your Future Plans for the Company if Permanently Employed?

19 171992

Why did you quit your previous company?

17 22075

how to answer freshers "tell me about your self?"

139 382885

I was told give socially responsible person reference for qualification and character in offer letter. Which are valid options? Can I give my brothers/friends/managers reference?

1 3684

why do you want to choose our company(any company where ur attending the interview)

7 13199

what is your weakness ?

36 42004

what is ur weakness?

35 34637

What is the syllabus for NIC exam ?


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Infosys HR Questions Interview Questions

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