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Infosys HR Questions Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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Tell me about an innovative approach that you took to accomplish something.

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About yourSelf ?

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Have you done database design / development ?

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why should we give u job ?

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what do you know about this company ?

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If HR person asked tell me about yourself then what is the sequence points to tell him the answer

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What is your Future Plans for the Company if Permanently Employed?

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Why did you quit your previous company?

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how to answer freshers "tell me about your self?"

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I was told give socially responsible person reference for qualification and character in offer letter. Which are valid options? Can I give my brothers/friends/managers reference?

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why do you want to choose our company(any company where ur attending the interview)

7 11828

what is your weakness ?

36 36279

what is ur weakness?

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What is the syllabus for NIC exam ?


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Infosys HR Questions Interview Questions

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