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Infosys C++ Code Interview Questions
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What is the time complexity T(n) of the following program? a) int n, d, i, j; cin >> n; for (d=1; d<=n; d++) for (i=1; i<=d; i++) for (j=1; j<=n; j += n/10) cout << d << " " << i << " " << j << endl; b) void main() { int n, s, t; cin >> n; for (s = 1; s <= n/4; s++) {t = s; while (t >= 1) { cout << s << " " << t << endl; t--; } } } c) void main() { int n, r, s, t; cin >> n; for (r = 2; r <= n; r = r * 2) for (s = 1; s <= n/4; s++) { t = s; while (t >= 1) { cout << s << " " << t << endl; t--; } } }

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Min-Max Write an algorithm that finds both the smallest and largest numbers in a list of n numbers and calculate its complexity T(n).

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write a c program, using for loop, that accepts and odds two numbers. The output must be the sum and the addens. This should be repeated 5 times while the first number is decremented by one and the second number is incremented by 1.

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Write a program that takes a 3 digit number n and finds out whether the number 2^n + 1 is prime, or if it is not prime find out its factors.

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Infosys C++ Code Interview Questions

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